Scholarship Award Recipients

In 2017 the foundation awarded $12,470 in scholarships from individual scholarship funds and $14,100 to Northport Promise scholarship winners.

  • Manmeet Dhami - Edwin Suddard and Ruth Suddard Kellogg Scholarship, $4,400 and the Winfield H. and Dr. Grace Song Line Fund, $600
  • Elizabeth Fredrickson - Florence F. Evett Scholarship, $2,000 and the Anson and Ruth Solem Science Scholarship, $4,000.
  • Sarah Sleder - Kreig Leabo Memorial Scholarship, $1,470.

Scholarship amounts may vary from year to year.

Northport Promise Scholarships are renewable through four years of college as long as students maintain a 2.0 grade point average and complete at least 12 credits or more a semester. New and renewing scholarship award winners include:

  • Caleb Brown
  • Morgan Collins
  • Devon DeVriendt
  • Chris Hammersley
  • Fabian Hernandez
  • Autumn Huck
  • Olivia Kinker
  • Manmeet Dhami