Our Funds:

Funds to benefit projects for the community, culture and the arts, education and literacy, health and wellness and youth. Scholarship funds are listed below:

Beatrice M. Bowen Memorial Book Fund
Dr. Beatrice Bowen dedicated much of her life to encouraging children to discover the joy of reading – she was passionate about children’s literature and the benefits of reading. In 1999 her family established this fund for nonprofit organizations in Leelanau Township for the purchase of children’s books.

Early Childhood Fund/Best for Kids
The Early Childhood Fund supports quality early childhood education programs in Leelanau Township. It was established in 2006 when the Leelanau Memorial Health Center closed the local health facility including  its early childhood program. The Best for Kids committee now raises money and awareness of the importance of quality early childhood education.

Future by Design Fund
Money from this fund supports efforts to create a sustainable coastal community in Northport.

General Endowment Fund
The General Endowment Fund was the first fund created when the Leelanau Township Community Foundation was established in 1945. Grants using the interest from this endowment fund help local nonprofit organizations that sustain youth and elders, assist with education, health care, recreation, and the arts.

Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum Endowment Fund
The Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum established this endowment fund to further their mission to restore and preserve the Grand Traverse Light Station. The annual interest earnings from the fund help support the lighthouse.

Koenig Northport Community Arts Center Performing Arts Endowment
Dick and Sherry Koenig and Barbara Bartley created this fund to help support the Northport Community Arts Center in carrying out its role and mission including expansion of their programs.

Leelanau Township Library Advised Fund
Contributions to this advised fund are available for use by the Library at any time to support its role and mission.

Leelanau Township Library Grace Cochran Special Use Fund
Ruth Updegraff bequeathed $10,000 from her estate for the purchase of books and other reference material on the subject of wildlife, plants, and gardening native to this area of Michigan. Ms. Updegraff named this fund in memory of her dear friend, Grace Cochran. Both women were summer residents of Northport and longstanding Friends of the Library.

Leelanau Township Library Endowment Fund
Leelanau Township established this endowment fund to support the ongoing role and mission of the library.

Northport Community Arts Center Operations Fund
The Northport Community Arts Center is a premier facility for the performing arts located within the Northport Public School. This endowment fund was established in 2001 to help finance the school's operating expenses of the Northport Community Arts Center. Each year interest earnings are granted to Northport Public School. www.northportcac.org

Northport Masonic Lodge 265 F&AM
Established by members of the Northport lodge this fund provides support for local nonprofit organizations, especially those dedicated to the preservation of literary and artistic materials, the presentation of the arts and the preservation of local history.

Northport Public School Booster Club Fund
The Northport Public School Booster Club established this endowment fund in 1998 to enhance important educational opportunities for students at Northport Public School. The Booster Club recommends special activities to be supported by the fund’s interest earnings.

Omena Club 21 Fund
Established by members of Omena Club 21 for the construction of an ADA compliant restroom and the installation and hook-up of holding tanks at the Omena Fire Station, and the restoration and enhancement of memorial park adjacent to the fire station.

Pearl Kellogg Memorial Fund
Members of the Northport Point Cottage Owners Association established this fund in memory of Pearl Kellogg and in recognition of her 30 years of service as their bookkeeper.

Saving Birds Thru Habitat Fund
Established to help stem the decline of migrating birds.

Woolsey Memorial Airport Endowment Fund
The Northport Pilot’s Association, Inc. established this designated endowment fund in 2006 to provide financial support for the operation, improvement, and maintenance of the Woolsey Memorial Airport.

Youth Endowment Fund
Through a matching grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, this endowment fund was created to offer young people the opportunity to learn about philanthropy. The Youth Advisory Council meets regularly to review grant applications and determine which programs they would like to support in their community.

Scholarship Funds

Each year the Leelanau Township Community Foundation has the following scholarships available for students. 

Anson and Ruth Solem Science Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007 in memory of Anson Solem, a Suttons Bay native and 1937 graduate of Suttons Bay High School where he was class valedictorian. He attended the University of Michigan where he received his bachelors degree. He received a masters degree in engineering, science and applied physics from Harvard University and a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Maryland. Solem worked in Washington D.C. as a civilian for the Navy for 33 years. He focused on explosive research and anti-submarine warfare. Solem received the Superior Civilian Service medal from the Navy. While living in Washington D.C., he met and married his wife, Ruth. Because of his deep commitment to his work as a scientist, this scholarship was established in his memory to benefit any Leelanau County high school graduate pursuing higher education in science. Endowed.

Alice Busby Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Alice Busby Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1999 to honor a beloved member of the Leelanau Township community who died from breast cancer. An employee of the Northport Public School, where she was the business manager, she endeared herself to the faculty, staff and families of students who created this scholarship in her memory. The scholarship is to assist a graduating senior of Northport Public School who has demonstrated a commitment to community service and aspires to a career in elementary education or business. Non-endowed.

Basil Antenucci Leelanau Children’s Center Scholarship Fund
Established in memory of Basil Antenucci, a former foundation chair, this fund provides money for scholarships for children who reside in Leelanau Township and attend the Leelanau Children’s Center, Northport early childhood development program.  Non-endowed.

Faye Dinsmore Memorial Scholarship Fund for Culinary Arts
The family and friends of Northport native Faye Dinsmore established this fund in 2002 to support students who aspire to a career in the culinary arts. Qualified candidates are graduating seniors from any high school in Leelanau County who demonstrate financial need and a sincere interest in studying the culinary arts. Non-endowed.

Dr. James Kolberg Scholarship Fund
Mary and Lawrence Frank established this endowed fund to honor the retirement of Dr. James Kolberg and recognize his 30 year service to Leelanau Township. The interest earnings from this fund provide scholarships to graduating seniors of Northport Public School who have chosen to study in the field of medicine. Endowed.

Edwin Suddard and Ruth Suddard Kellogg Scholarship Fund
Ruth Suddard Kellogg of Northport bequeathed 10 percent of her estate to the foundation for the purpose of establishing an endowment fund for scholarships. The investment earnings from this fund provide a scholarship for a graduating senior at Northport Public School who wants to attend either college or a vocational school. Qualified students must have a minimum GPA of 2.7 and demonstrate financial need. Endowed.

Florence F. Evett Scholarship Fund
Florence F. Evett was dedicated to the students at Northport Public School where she worked 24 years as a bookkeeper. Mrs. Evett gave $24,000 from her estate to the foundation to establish a scholarship fund for students who wanted to attend college but lacked the financial means to do so. Each year, a scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior of Northport Public School who has a minimum 2.7 GPA, demonstrates financial need and receives the majority vote of the high school faculty to be the recipient of this award. Non-endowed.

Florence L. Hanes Scholarship Fund
Florence Hanes had a generous spirit towards her community. In 1971 she bequeathed her entire estate to the Leelanau Township Community Foundation to establish an endowment fund for scholarships. She left instructions that “I’d like any money you realize to be used for scholarships for trade schools – that could be anything from car mechanic, practical nurse, registered nurse, business school – just so the object was the training needed to earn a living. And it doesn’t need to be limited to just young people. Here I am, age 54, with the need to earn a living and no training of any kind to help me earn a good living.” Qualified candidates are individuals of any age, who have earned a high school diploma and who demonstrate financial need for assistance with vocational training. Endowed.

George W. Anderson and Carolyn T. Anderson Community Endowment Scholarship Fund
George and Lyn Anderson established a community endowment fund upon George’s retirement as board chairperson of the Leelanau Township Community Foundation in 2004. The fund’s primary purpose is to provide assistance to the families of infants with special needs who require services that the family can’t afford. Its secondary purpose is to provide tuition scholarships to high school graduates who will either attend Alma College, the University of Michigan, or Northwestern Michigan College. Scholarship eligibility requirements are academic excellence (minimum GPA. of 2.7), community involvement, and demonstration of strong citizenship. Both young people and adults who reside in Leelanau Township may apply. Endowed.

Kreig Leabo Memorial Scholarship Fund
This fund was established in memory of Kreig Leabo who died in 1989 at the young age of 41. Kreig was a 1966 graduate of Northport Public School and is best remembered for his dedication to helping others. Currently, a scholarship is given each year to a graduating senior of Northport Public School whose actions and activities demonstrate a strong community spirit. Endowed.

Native American Scholarship Fund
This fund was established for the purpose of providing scholarships to Native American graduates of Northport Public School who seek educational opportunities beyond high school. Non-endowed.

The Northport Promise
The Northport Promise began in 2007 to help grow the population of the Northport Public School. It’s modeled after the successful Kalamazoo Promise announced in 2005. Northport Promise scholarships are available to any graduating senior of Northport High School who has attended the school for four years prior to graduation and who plans to attend a public community college, four-year college or university or vocational school in Michigan. Non-endowed.

Susan Hirschfield Memorial Scholarship Fund for Visual Art
The family and friends of Sue Hirschfield established this fund in 2003 to honor her talent in the visual arts. Qualified candidates are students of Northport Public School who seek advanced training in the visual arts. Non-endowed.

Winfield H. & Dr. Grace Song Line Scholarship Fund
Grace Song Line was born in Korea and came to the United States as a student. She obtained a degree in medicine and married Winfield H. Line, a Michigan businessman. In 1970, they established an endowment fund to honor students who display a genuine interest in community, church, home and school, and who actively participate in organizations and projects that have as their goal the betterment of human beings everywhere. Recipients of this endowed scholarship must be graduating seniors of Northport Public School who have maintained a satisfactory academic record and possess characteristics of good citizenship, such as the following:

  • They recognize that people hold different beliefs and opinions and respect their right to those beliefs;

  • They support their family, religion, community and nation; they try actively to improve weaknesses in these institutions and do not withdraw from them;

  • They are faithful to the customs and laws of society;

  • They stand up for what they believe is right and take action against what they know to be wrong;

  • They are willing to take the responsibility for leadership as well as the recognition;

  • They are willing to do committee work or the least rewarding tasks to assure the successful completion of a project;

  • They demonstrate high standards of honesty and reliability;

  • They demonstrate a concern for others;

  • They do not restrict their good work to just one institution such as school.

Youth Scholarship Fund
This fund was established through a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to offer scholarships for extracurricular activities in music, athletics and government. The amount of the scholarship is determined each year by the Youth Advisory Council. Non-endowed.

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