Our Funds

The General Endowment Fund is the largest fund administered by the Leelanau Township Community Foundation. It's the foundation's original fund and since 1946 we've made grants from that fund to enhance the community. The foundation also administers funds that reflect the charitable goals of the individuals, families, civic groups, and organizations who established them including scholarship funds that help educate our youth.

As we move forward, the foundation’s long-term goal is to continue to grow its permanent resources to ensure that we can continue to address changing community needs well into the future.

View our funds by theme:


  • Future by Design Fund
  • General Endowment Fund
  • Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum Endowment Fund
  • Northport Masonic Lodge 265 F&AM
  • Omena Club 21 Fund
  • Pearl Kellogg Memorial Fund
  • Woolsey Memorial Airport Endowment Fund

Education and Literacy

  • Alice Busby Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Anson and Ruth Solem Science Scholarship Fund
  • Basil Antennucci Leelanau Children's Center Scholarship Fund
  • Beatrice Bowen Memorial Book Fund
  • Early Childhood Fund/Best for Kids
  • Faye Dinsmore Memorial Scholarship Fund for Culinary Arts
  • George Wrisley and Carolyn Travis Anderson Community Endowment Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. James Kolberg Scholarship Fund
  • Edwin Suddard and Ruth Suddard Kellogg Scholarship Fund
  • Florence F. Evett Scholarship Fund
  • Florence L. Hanes Scholarship Fund
  • Kreig Leabo Scholarship Fund
  • Leelanau Township Library Advised Fund
  • Leelanau Township Library Endowed Fund
  • Leelanau Township Library Grace Cochran Special Use Fund
  • Native American Scholarship Fund
  • Northport Public School Booster Club Fund
  • Northport Promise Scholarship Fund
  • Susan Hirschfield Memorial Scholarship Fund for Visual Art
  • Winfield H. and Dr. Grace Song Line Scholarship Fund
  • Youth Scholarship Fund

Culture and the Arts

  • Koenig Northport Community Arts Center Performing Arts Endowment
  • Northport Community Arts Center Operations Fund


  • Saving Birds Thru Habitat Fund

Health and Wellness

  • Leelanau Township Health and Wellness Fund
  • Leelanau Township Health and Wellness Pass-Thru Fund



  • Youth Endowment Fund