Our History

The Leelanau Township Community Foundation is the third oldest community foundation in Michigan. Established in 1945, it started with a gift of $35,000 (over $250,000 in today’s dollars) from Francis H. Haserot in memory of his long-time friend and business associate, Gilman Marsten Dame.

Now in our 72nd year, we see many examples of the benefit of Mr. Haserot’s foresight in establishing an endowment fund.  Subsequent donations from many individuals have helped grow that initial investment and today the foundation has over $4 million dollars in assets and has given away $3.5 million dollars. Our annual grants have benefited many local nonprofit organizations, schools and municipalities and helped many students pay for their education.

Each year the foundation’s General Endowment Fund provides grants that make a significant difference in the health and well-being of people who live in Leelanau Township. We are dedicated to continuing this commitment.

Designing and Achieving Our Full Potential: 2017/2018

A continued collaborative effort between Leelanau Township and the Village of Northport, supported by the Leelanau Township Community Foundation. For Part I, see below.

Full Report: Designing and Achieving Our Full Potential II: 2017/2018 (PDF)

Designing and Achieving Our Full Potential: 2012

In 2012, for the first time in Leelanau/Northport history, two local units of government and a nonprofit community corporation came together to help realize their full potential. Out of this came a full report that represents the combined wisdom and talent in the Village of Northport, Leelanau Township,  and the Leelanau Township Community Foundation, fully aligned and dedicated to strengthening their common good. To read and/or download this report, please clink the link below.

Full Report: Designing and Achieving Our Full Potential, 2012