How to Give

Photograph by Cheryl Parker

Photograph by Cheryl Parker


We make it simple to give!

You can contribute to the Foundation online, via check, or by setting up a reccurring contribution from your financial organization. No matter what contribution method you choose, you can direct your contribution to one or more specific funds.

The General Endowment Fund supports the Foundation's comprehensive grant making program. In addition, the Foundation has 32 funds established for a particular purpose.

Any contribution can be made in honor or in memory of someone important to you. 

Give By Check

To contribute by check, make your check payable to "Leelanau Township Community Foundation" and mail to:

P.O. Box 818
Northport, MI 49670

If you wish, you can send in Foundation Donor Form with your gift. 
Foundation Donor Form (PDF)

Give by Reccurring Payment

If you wish to set up a reoccurring payment, please contact your financial institution or your preferred method of online payment (PayPal, Venmo, etc.). 

Give online

To give online, please click the donate button below.


Choosing a Fund

Design a fund or choose an existing fund

Whatever your charitable goals the Leelanau Township Community Foundation is a place where you can be assured that your donations go to support causes that you care about. You can design your own fund, or choose an existing fund that fits your philanthropic goals!

Our full list of funds can be found here:

Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds are established by a donor or group of donors who create an endowment and choose a grant making purpose for the fund. They may also make grant award recommendations to the community foundation board.

Unrestricted Funds

When you select an unrestricted fund for your gift, you assure that the LTCF will be able to address ever-changing needs of our community, including future needs that we can't anticipate today. The founders of the LTCF probably never imagined a world where people could donate to the Foundation using a credit card and their computer rather than writing a check and putting it in the mail. Nor could they have foreseen many of the other community needs today. The flexibility of your unrestricted gift enables the LTCF Board of Trustees to respond to our community's most pressing needs, today and well into the future.

Field of Interest Funds

Sometimes donors have an allegiance to a cause, interest, or area but not to a specific nonprofit. That's where a Field of Interest fund can help assure that your interests are being carried out in perpetuity. A Field of Interest fund targets a specific philanthropic goal. You can do this anonymously, in your name, or as a way to honor a family member or friend. We'd love to talk with you about starting a fund that reflects your life's passion.

Designated Funds

Several of the funds the LTCF administers were designed to support specific local organizations. If there are other worthy groups for which you as an individual or you, with a group of others, would like to establish a charitable fund we can help. To learn more about designated funds, just call the office at (231) 386-9000 or email

Scholarship Funds

Making the future brighter for promising youth by helping them pay the ever increasing costs of a college education is a great way to honor or memorialize a family member or friend. The LTCF administers 14 scholarship funds that provide assistance to area students whose dreams of higher education might not be possible without the help of many foresighted, generous people. 

Our full list of scholarship funds can be found here: