Photograph by Cheryl Parker

Photograph by Cheryl Parker

Francis S. Haserot Society

Great communities don't just happen. They're created by people with vision and the willingness to invest in the future.

In 2016 the Leelanau Township Community Foundation established the Francis S. Haserot Society to recognize the group of individuals who have named the Leelanau Township Community Foundation as a beneficiary of a planned or deferred gift. The Society is named after Francis S. Haserot who in 1945 made the first gift which started the foundation.

We know that great communities don't just happen. They are created by people with the vision and willingness to invest in the future.

We are deeply grateful to our first members; Jim and Marjorie Leenhouts, Larry Coppard and Susan Ager, Gene and Kathy Garthe, Dick and Sue Lang, David and Louise Lutton, Joan Moore, and Scott and Ruth Steele Walker. They have given a commitment that will benefit the generations to come.

How do I join the Francis H. Haserot Legacy Society?

First, arrange for a planned gift to the community foundation in consultation with your attorney or financial advisor.

Second, inform the foundation that you have made arrangements for a planned gift in your will or estate plan.

We will not ask how much is being left to the foundation, but encourage you to discuss the intent of your gift with us to ensure we comply with your wishes. Bequests from a will are the most common way to leave a future gift to the foundation. However, there are many other ways including making the foundation a beneficiary of 401K/IRA plans and insurance policies. We are ready to work with your professional advisors to determine the best way for you to give.

"If you invest a lot of your time and energy to live here - and you don't have to live here - this area must appeal to you. It is terrific, but it can be better. You shouldn't stop giving to the library or the Children's Center or whatever turns you on. But it's good to give to the umbrella organization too - the community foundation." - Jim Leenhouts

"Just because you live in an idyllic area does not mean everyone's life is idyllic. There are huge needs here. This is a way for people to give back without having to neglect the areas they came from." - Ruth Steele Walker

"It's only right to give back to the place that has become our hearts' home." - Susan Ager

"We know the [Leelanau Township Community] Foundation connects with and strengthens with all other non-profits that support our community. And at this point in our lives, what we leave as a legacy matters as much as what we do day by day." - Kathy Garthe

"Most people want immediate gratification. But to really meet long-term obligations, and have the flexibility to meet new needs, you need legacy donations to the General Endowment." - David Lutton